Viktor Ekblom
graphic designer and MA student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts,               
School of Design (KADK) based in Malmø & Copenhagen

* Always under construction.

Viktor Ekblom is an aspiring graphic designer and student from the south of Sweden. With an interest in form, typography and unconventional concepts he does his best to create works that are intriguing and communicative. He enjoys doing zines, posters, visual identities, books, magazines as well as some things for screens. Risograph printing makes him very happy. For further information, inquiries, collaboration ideas or a music recommendation please use any of the channels below.

→ Currently: In-between BA and MA studies 
→ Recently: Intern at NODE Berlin Oslo
Analog Photography

All works depicted © Copyright Viktor Ekblom. All rights reserved – 2020 and beyond.


2017–2020 BA at MAU
2019–2020 Intern at NODE Berlin Oslo